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John D
John DTrue Southerner
John is one of our Lead Painters. If you’d like something to get done, he can do it! John brings to the table over 20 years experience with professional painting. He especially loves staining fiberglass doors.

John spends his free time with his wife and kids. He’s an outdoorsman from NC who enjoys God’s good creation.

Mike M
Mike MSteady and True
Mike leads paint projects with his +15 years of professional painting experience. From large commercial to fine-detail residential, Mike is “cool as a cuke” while completing any phase for any project.

Mike loves to fish. He might tell you he’s a dull guy, but those who know him well respect his level-headed approach to life.

Darryl S
Darryl SOwner
Darryl has lived in Florida over 12 years, growing his own businesses ever since. Darryl hopes to use all of his outlets to better those he meets: whether teaching at local church or meeting others through networking events.

Darryl enjoys spending his extra time with his family and disc golfing.

Carey W
Carey WContributor
Carey has worked with Darryl for many years, creating a tag-team effort that hopes to accomplish really great things in the painting service industry. Carey works mainly in the back end of the company, setting things up for initiation.

Carey has 4 great kiddos and an excellent teammate in his wife. Carey gives all his free time to teaching his children and loving his wife. They draw, color, dance and play games.